Services included:

Swansea Aquatics

Swansea Aquatics first approached Copper Bay because they wanted to remove their old dated website and create a fresh new look. The team also wanted a website which is easy to update once live, meaning that they can keep on top of content changes in the future.

We promised to design and build a fully mobile friendly website with a fresh and modern look. The new website will be easy to navigate to optimise the user friendly ability. We also promised to incorporate a calendar system for upcoming events, which will be easy to update and change in the future.

When designing the homepage, our design team chose to use a full header banner. This style of banner is very stylish and helps to create a wow factor when users visit the website. Along with the banner, we designed a title overlay with a clear call-to-action icon. This is key, as it means that when people visit the website they can clearly see which path to take and what to click to find out more information. This will help to reduce bounce rates from the Swansea Aquatics website and improve the user experience.

Below the banner on the homepage, we incorporated the upcoming events system. This allows people visiting the website to see whats happening at the company. Just below this we designed and built a clear call-to-action button directing users to a page in the site where they can find out more information about the events held at Swansea Aquatics. Again, this will help to improve the user experience and reduce bounce rates.

To improve SEO on the site, we implemented a Facebook feed into the homepage. As Swansea Aquatics update their social media account, then the feed on the website will also update. This keeps Google happy and will help to improve the websites organic ranking on the Google Search Network.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Swansea Aquatics and we are glad we could achieve all of their website needs. We promise to continue to support them in the future.