Services included:

Stephanie Allin

Bridal Wedding Designers

Stephanie Allin first approached us at Copper Bay because they wanted a new company brand and website.

We started with designing a new logo. They wanted us to focus on soft and feminine styles, representing the feel of their beautiful business. Stephanie Allin were very happy with the final logo design which meant we could proceed to designing a new website.

Again, just like the logo we made sure the website design was soft and feminine creating a classy bridal feel to the site. We used soft colours throughout such as greys and whites. This helps to compliment the amazing wedding dress photography, drawing your attention to the beautiful dresses.

To improve SEO on the site, we included an Instagram feed. Usually, businesses choose to have a Twitter feed added to their sites but for Stephanie Allin we thought it would be much more appropriate to have a Instagram feed as they can continue to visually display their amazing wedding dress designs and photography skills.

Working with Stephanie Allin was really good fun and we loved designing their beautiful logo and website. We will continue to support them with their live website as we are only a phone call away!