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Cancer Information and Support Services- South West Wales

CISS came to us because they wanted a professional, modern redesign and build to their current dated website.

During the design phase we focused on giving the old site an over all ‘face-lift’. It was important that we matched the colours on the site with their corporate branding which meant we had to work closely with CISS to make sure these colours were spot on. We also used the modern block/ tile style throughout the site making all information clearly displayed in sections.

When both designing and building the site it was very important that we focused on creating a perfect user experience due to the topic of the site. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for every visitor to the site to clearly know which action to take to receive the information they need.

An example of creating a perfect user experience is the design of the main banner heading on the homepage. We choose to include the direct phone numbers of each of the four area locations, clear and bold at the top using the contrasting colours of purple and yellow. This then means if any visitors wishes to talk to a professional at CISS they can clearly see which number to call with just one click onto the site.

It was significant to us that we put a lot of thought, time and focus into the design of this site because we wanted to make sure the user experience was high quality due to such important information on the site. We loved working with CISS and will continue to support them with their live website.