Graphic Design Services

from Swansea based Copper Bay Creative

Graphic design is everywhere. We see it on road signs, bus sides, menus, newspapers and websites to the point where we take it for granted. But just what is it? 

'The methodology of visual communication through words, symbols and images' is the technical explanation. Put more simply, it’s seeing your brand consistently replicated across a business or organisation so that those with an interest in working with you or buying from you instantly get a feel for what you do and what you stand for.

At Copper Bay we create engaging, thoughtful design work through a friendly yet meticulous approach. Ours is a business built on good graphic design and we apply this know how to each and every one of our clients’ needs.

It can start with a logo on a business card and if it suits your needs, you can add leaflets, folders, sales packs, a website, pop up banners, staff uniforms or even signage for a fleet of vehicles.

Wherever your company logo appears, consistency is king not just in the colours and fonts used but how well it’s been executed. There’s nothing worse than a nice looking logo appearing on thin poor quality print, or picking up a weighty brochure where the design is insipid and lacklustre and the type impossible to read.

Through a rounded approach, the Copper Bay team will work with you to develop a suite of printed and online marketing material that looks great, feels good and lifts your brand so you may stand out from the crowd.

At Copper Bay Creative we do ....

Colours, fonts, layouts - you’ll get a selection to choose from at the initial design stage.

From a suite of literature to branding guidelines for staff outlining colours, font sizes, icons, line spacing, positioning and where the brand should appear.

Incidental graphics and advertising graphics for your website, social media icons, web page design that you can then pass onto your own web developer to follow.

Design and/or Print
Design and then give you the artwork files so you can take it to your own printer or supplier. Or we do both, handling the print as well as we’ve some great, tried-and-tested suppliers from printers and sign writers to mug and mouse mat makers.

Design for documents
Templates for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or any other software package.

White Label Services
Providing graphic design, web development and software programming services, keeping our heads down, behind the scenes to support other design, web and marketing professionals in their work.


For all of your graphic design needs, call us on 01792 29 33 66 or drop us an e-mail at

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